The study of martial arts is not just about punching, kicking, and fighting. Actually it is about living. Through the physical aspects of the martial arts we learn teamwork, goal setting, and work ethics. We learn to set a goal and then what it takes to follow through and achieve that goal. Here at the Ninpiden Dojo, not only will you learn practical self-defense skills but, with consistent practice, you will uncover the deeper meanings that comprise the essential quality of these traditional arts which, in turn, will help you to replace the unwanted pressures and stress of everyday life with internal peace, harmony, and balance. Physical training at the Ninpiden Dojo is focused on Tai Sabaki, the refined use of body movements, to provide a catalyst behind the defensive action. It does not rely solely on muscular strength and speed, which decline with age.
Training is usually done with students working with partners so that they can develop correct timing, distancing, and body mechanics. Since the training is skill oriented and not strength oriented it provides a smaller person with an effective means of handling confrontations with larger, stronger opponents. Throughout all levels of training numerous exercises are employed which require the students to develop both spontaneity in their abilities and a strong spirit. A student should not be content to mechanically repeat the classic patterns (kata) in a textbook situation. Martial Arts must be living, flowing, natural, and ever-evolving to be effective.

Program 1
This program is designed to teach you self-defense in a way that is neither competitive nor encourages aggressive behavior. During class, you will work with a partner instead of competing with that partner to develop an understanding of why the techniques work. Along with learning a great self-defense system you will also learn tumbling and acrobatics, specific body movements that will enhance your balance, focus, and coordination, some basic Japanese language, manners and team work. Throughout this program you will build strong, long lasting life skills, improve your self-esteem, and increase your confidence. Once you complete Program 1 you will be well prepared to move into Program 2.

Program 2
In this program you will practice the same elite self-defense techniques that were battle-proven during the warring era of Japan. As a student you will learn to effectively defend yourself by using evasive body movements, joint locks and controls, hand and foot weapons, throws and mental awareness. Through this program you will challenge your mind, body, and spirit. You will forge a new level of self-confidence and overall level of fitness that will increase your academic skills, heighten your family life, and help develop your professional career.

Mixed Martial Arts
This Program integrates the striking techniques of Muay Thai with the grappling arts of Brazilian Jujutsu. Techniques include strikes with the knees, elbows, feet and hands; grappling, joint locks, takedowns and submission holds. The emphasis is on self defense in ground fighting conditions and physical conditioning

Ninpiden Dojo Sword System
The Ninpiden Dojo Sword system (N.D.S.S.) is a curriculum developed by combining several traditional Iaido and Bikenjutsu systems together. In this program you will learn proper sword manners, a variety of cutting patterns, sword postures, how to properly re-sheath your sword, Chiburi techniques, as well as traditional Iaido patterns and Katas. Included in the N.D.S.S. are 2 Kata's developed by Kyoshi Weekley to compliment the regular sword training.

Filipino Martial Arts
The Filipino Martial Arts Curriculum is a unique review course of Filipino stick, and double stick training and knife arts often called Arnis, Escrima, or Kali. In this program you will develop a sense of proper weapon etiquette, weapon function, and adaptation of unarmed techniques to armed use. This basic course incorporates techniques from over half a dozen families into a coherent system; and is an effective bridge between the core Ninjutsu program, the Mixed Martial Arts program, and the Ninpiden Dojo’s myriad Weapon Systems. Supplementary training includes environmental fighting, tandem techniques, and practical knife defense.

Ninpiden Dojo Weapons training
The weapons program is taught in a seminar format on a rotating schedule. We train with the hanbo, a traditional japanese 3 foot staff, the rokushakubo or 6 foot staff, kusari fundo (weighted chain), sai, shuriken, blowgun, nunchaku, and tanto.

A.T.T.E.C. (Advanced tactical training and elite combat)
A.T.T.E.C. is a tactical training program that teaches everything from beginning courses in firearms safety and use to full scale courses for law enforcement personnel. Whether your goal is simply to learn better use of your weapon, or to gain an edge in combat situations, our training will help you improve your skills. We offer courses in basic pistol and rifle, concealed weapons training with an NRA certified instructor, women's pistol courses, corporate team building exercises, tactical paintball for sport teams, small unit tactics, extreme close quarter marksmanship, sniper and tactical training. A.T.T.E.C. students must be 18 years of age.