Kyoshi Randy Weekley has spent close to 30 years training, mastering and teaching the martial arts. He began his martial arts career while studying for a degree in criminal justice. As he traveled around in pursuit of a career in law enforcement, he was able to sample many different martial arts before discovering Ninpo Tai Jutsu. This was to become a life changing discovery.
During his years of training he was a personal student for 17 years of both Sensei Chadwick Minge and Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura of the Genbukan Ninpo/Ninjutsu Traditions, where he learned the arts of the Ninja, Jujutsu and many other family lines of martial arts. During his last trip to Japan, Kyoshi Weekley tested for and received his certification and title of Kyoshi, (Master Teacher), from Soke Tanemura.
Kyoshi Weekley resigned from the Genbukan organization in 2004, but continues to advance his training in the arts of Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Extreme Close Quarters Combat, Combatives, Defensive Tactics and Tactical Firearms. He has trained on 5 of the 7 continents, teaching and training with schools in Japan, Thailand, China, Mexico, Australia, England, Spain, Greece, Jamaica, Bermuda and across the United States.
Kyoshi Weekley opened his first dojo in Parker, Colorado in February of 1992. He continues to teach at this school and at his facility in Hedgesville, West Virginia, as well as travelling the world teaching defensive tactics, combatives, firearms, and personal defense. Kyoshi Weekley is dedicated to educating people about the great benefits that the martial arts have to offer, and to helping martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. To this end, he has created one of the best martial arts curriculums available today. In addition to his martial arts training, Kyoshi Weekley is also trained as a doctor of Oriental Medicine, a certified rescue diver, certified as a personal trainer, and is a successful author of several books on Martial Arts, Fitness, Business, and Child Safety.
In 2006, Kyoshi Weekley founded the Ninpiden International Ninjutsu Martial Arts Association, (N.I.N.M.A.A.). The N.I.N.M.A.A. Association was created with the concept of having a group of highly qualified martial artists in different styles available to help martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. NINMAA gives martial artists a common ground in which to advance the aspects that are common to all martial arts. Kyoshi Weekley continues to serve as President of N.I.N.M.A.A.

• Chief Instructor, Ninpiden Dojos
• President and Founder of N.I.N.M.A.A.
• NRA certified instructor for Pistol, Rifle and Tactical Shotgun
• Certified Simmunitions Instructor
• Certified Taser Instructor
• Krav Maga Certified law enforcement instructor
• Teaches defensive tactics, combatives and firearms to Special Forces groups, Military groups, Government agencies, Police and Fire departments.
• Teaches civilian self defense and fire arms courses
• Doctor of Chinese Medicine
• Author
• Certified Personal Trainer
• Certified Rescue Diver
• Public Speaker

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Acknowledgements (Alphabetical by Last Name):

Sensei Mel Abraham
Kyoshi Allie Alberigo
SGM John "Andy" Anderson (retired Special Forces)
Craig Douglas
The Machado Brothers
Sensei Chadwick Minge
Shihan Dennis Palumbo
Steve Stavroff
Shihan Andrew Stigliano
Tanemura Soke
Kyoshi Ian Thomas

And all the other great instructors and people I have had a chance to train with.
Randy Weekley