Sensei Alvin Lee Stein was born in 1953. He holds a BS. degree in psychology & Associateof Arts degrees in both psychiatric nursing and criminology. Until recently,
he was employed in emergency rooms and locked psychiatric settings. On
more than one occasion, his martial arts training has helped him resolve
situations in which he and his co-workers were at risk. He began his martial arts
training in 1972, in the art of Go Ju Ryu Karate. He studied this art from
1972 to1976, then after a brief hiatus, resumed training in 1978 until 1982.
He attained the level of brown belt. From 1980 to 1982 he studied Tai Chi
His study in Ninpo Tai Jutsu began in 1996 with Kyoshi Weekley at the
Ninpiden Dojo in Parker. 2 of his daughters have studied Ninpo Tai Jutsu
with him, currently his youngest daughter and his foster daughter are studying
Ninpo as well. In regard to the importance martial arts has to him, Alvin
had this to say: "After dealing with the rough side of life for many years,
the importance of knowing a self-defense form that works and is fun for
young and old alike is an important asset that I enjoy sharing with others. "
-Sensei Alvin Stein
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