As Mike's children came of school age he looked for some physical activities
they could get involved in. He found the Ninpiden Dojo in Parker in 1994
and enrolled his 2 boys and one daughter. After a few years of watching
his kids have all the fun Mike decided it was time to join. In 1997 Mike
joined the Ninpiden dojo in Parker. Mike has always been interested in
the Martial Arts ever since watching the Kung Fu series as a kid on TV.
After years of study Mike earned his Black Belt (Sensei) in the advanced program
on October of 2003. Mike has studied in Ninpo dojos throughout
the world, traveling to England, Japan and Thailand. He enjoys
traveling and learning new things, considering himself the perpetual student.
As of this writing he has achieved black belts in Jujitsu and Ninpiden Sword
system in addition to the core Ninjutsu program taught at Ninpiden Dojos.
-Mike Brownson