Sensei Douglas Arzadon was raised in Colorado and often visited family in the Philippines. After graduating high school he went to the University of Santo Tomas in Manila and began learning the Filipino Martial Arts. He later returned to Colorado to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Biopsychology and Law Enforcement from Western State College. While at Western, he continued to explore the martial arts and expand his skills learning boxing, aikido, tae kwon do, tai qi, and fencing, among many others. He traveled west studying and living in California, China, and Japan. In 2000, while living and teaching in the Kansai area of Japan, his daughter Eina was born in Osaka. At this time and until 2004 he quit all martial arts. He returned to Colorado as an educator and later an administrator. In 2004, he began studying Ninpo Tai Jutsu, Ko Ryu Karate, and Iaido (Now called the Ninpiden Dojo Sword System) at the Ninpiden Dojo and Tae Kwon Do. elsewhere. After a year he was training solely at the Ninpiden Dojo. In 2007, using his previous experiences in various martial arts and his years as a teacher, he began developing a “stick and knife” program to compliment the weapons training at the dojo. Still an avid learner and consummate student, he continues training at the dojo in the Core Program as well as in the Mixed Martial Arts, Master’s Elite, and N.D.S.S. programs.
“ As both a martial artist and an ex-martial artist I have developed a clear understanding of the importance of budo in my life. It calms my soul. I rely on it as a stable foundation and an invigorating outlet to continue to meet my duties and achieve my goals. Though in the past I have had to study multiple styles under many teachers, what I have found unique about this dojo is its’ all-encompassing nature and its’ staggering volume of knowledge. If you seek clarity in your path as a budoka or a bugeisha this way is wide and clear.” -Douglas Arzadon