Iaido: " The way of the sword" A Japanese sword art focusing on drawing the sword quickly and properly, performing the cut and returning the blade to the sheath.

Kata: A specific series of motions intended to train the body to react in a certain manner in specific combat situations.

Ki-Hon: A basic movement or a fundamental movement of a martial arts system. Ki-Hon involves the study of one or several fundamental movements of a technique. These are repeated until the movement becomes instinctive.

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts

Nin: Patience and Perseverance

Ninpiden: Secret Teachings of Ninjutsu

Ryu: ("rue") A school or style of martial arts. Each martial art contains a large number of Ryu. These in turn are sometimes divided into branches (Ha), as a result of the various masters composing new sequences of movement or technique. Before the Restoration of the Meiji era (1868) a very large number of Ryu existed; certain of them were secret and others had only a few adherents. Some prided themselves on having thousands of students.
Yamato: Birthplace

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