Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get your black belt?
It depends on how often you train and what your your goals are, but you should know up-front that getting your blackbelt doesn't mean that your training is over. On the contrary, your training has just begun once you "belt out" so to speak. Obtaining a black belt in any art doesn't make you a "master", nor does it mean that you're the "baddest" person walking the streets - obtaining your blackbelt in the art of Ninjutsu means that you are now ready to begin your formal and deeper training.
How many times a week do you train?
On the average, most students train between 2 and 5 times per week. Your training schedule will depend upon your everyday schedule, your commitment to your training, and your desire to learn the art of Ninjutsu.
What about tournaments?
Tournaments at Ninpiden dojo are in three parts: Kata, Self Defense, and Sword. The focus is on demonstrating skills learned rather than on competition. The self defense section is done with a partner and demonstrated in a controlled manner, to show effectiveness of technique. Kata can be either something learned in class, or something you have created yourself.The sword section of the tournament is done by age group, with 2 out of 3 strikes determining who takes the match. We emphasize courtesy and good sportsmanship in all aspects of the tournament.
What kind of weapons skills are taught at the Ninpiden Dojos?
We teach a variety of weapons skills in quarterly seminars, as well as a regularly scheduled sword program.
We teach seminar classes with hanbo(3 foot staff), rokushakubo (6 foot staff), kusari fundo, nunchaku, sai, blowgun, escrima, tanto and shuriken.
Our sword program is a combination of iaido and biken-jutsu. It is taught as a regular program, with belt rankings.
In addition to our traditional weapons, adult students may take seminars in tactical weapons training and concealed weapons training as part of our A.T.T.E.C. training program.
What age groups do you teach?
The usual age range for students is 5 years and up. For students younger than 5, please speak with our Dojo instructors.
What martial arts do you teach at Ninpiden Dojos?

We teach Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Mixed Martial arts, Ninpiden Dojo's Sword System, Tactical training, Concealed Weapons and assorted traditional weapons.